Mark Wright—Helping to Proactively Address Clients' Security Issues

Mark Wright—Helping to Proactively Address Clients’ Security Issues

As a senior security analyst and LogRhythm SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) administrator, Mark Wright brings more than 20 years of IT experience to his role at Pearl Technology. He also has 10 years of cybersecurity experience that focuses on defensive operations, incident response, and threat hunting.

How He Serves

Mark works remotely out of Michigan and is responsible for helping Security Operation Center (SOC) clients with their IT security technology, operations, and management. As part of his job, he monitors systems and identifies suspicious activities. As a SIEM administrator, he also creates alarms that help identify new and existing threats in an innovative way. Mark is also responsible for assessing risk factors and advising on vulnerabilities and attacks from a variety of sources, conducting security and training awareness programs, and maintaining detailed security related documentation.

What His Experience Means

Though Mark has only been with Pearl Technology for two years, he’s been working professionally since 2003 and as a hobbyist since he was 13. He’s also been a systems administrator and a network administrator.

“I have supported wireless point-to-point networks and much more,” Mark said, “and even some dial-up support. Does anyone remember INIT Strings?”

Prior to joining Pearl Technology, Mark worked at a large chemical company for eight years, where he played a major role in developing their SOC from the ground up. As far as SIEM systems, Mark’s been administering them for over a decade alongside his typical SOC analyst duties of detecting, remediating, and conducting incident response.

Mark is currently certified as a LogRhythm system administrator, security analyst, deployment engineer, and support engineer.

“Without experience, you cannot do this job. There are no books or classes that can teach you what years of experience can. It’s important to be asking questions at all times to continue learning.”

What drew him to Pearl Tech? “I’ve had horrible experiences with managed security service providers (MSSPs) in the past as a client,” he said. “I want to use those experiences to identify ways to enhance the overall MSSP services at Pearl.”

Mark loves having the greatest boss in the world—Nikki Sewall, director of security operations at Pearl Technology. He believes his experience can help to provide even better services and team dynamics to benefit clients.

And, according to Nikki, he’s a born leader with an innate ability to teach all levels to reach a common goal. “Mark thrives in situations where he can put his defensive cyber operational skills to use and to teach his fellow team members.”

What Sustains Him

Currently living in central Michigan, Mark has many hobbies outside IT and security. In his off time, he likes to relax by playing video games, watching MMA fighting, working out at the gym, building/fixing computers for friends and family, or researching indicators of compromise to help ensure Pearl Technology stays current on the latest threats.

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