Ryan Brunsman—Resolving IT Issues to Keep Businesses Running Smoothly

Ryan Brunsman—Resolving IT Issues to Keep Businesses Running Smoothly

If you’ve worked with our managed services team, you may have met Ryan Brunsman, a systems engineer at Pearl Technology. Ryan’s job is to help clients resolve their IT issues, so they can get their business back up and running smoothly.

How He Serves

An employee of Pearl Technology for 14 years, Ryan works remotely out of the Peoria Heights office. He primarily focuses on projects and consulting for clients in their ever-changing technologies (e.g., hardware, storage, operating systems, and Microsoft 365). Ryan visits businesses as needed and often works to onboard new clients. In this way, he helps to assure their IT problems get resolved and issues are addressed at the right level. Ryan also provides internal support for Pearl Technology.

“All of our techs are assigned specific clients,” Ryan explained. “So we all see a number of different environments as the primary point of contact. I also serve as an escalation point. What that means is if our techs have exhausted all their efforts—or just want another set of eyes on an issue—I will typically help in that area. We all have different skill sets and work well together to help our clients stay up and running.”

What Motivates Him

“I love working with our clients,” Ryan said. “They are all awesome in their own way. And I’m fortunate because I get to spend time interfacing with them. Communication is a critical part of being a managed service provider (MSP). Clients like to be up to date on the overall health of their environment. They look to us to provide that information whether they are facing an issue already or we are helping to mitigate a potential issue down the road.”

When Ryan began working with Pearl Technology, his primary goal was to gain real-world experience in IT. “Since I joined the team, I’ve worked hard to accomplish that goal. I’ve worked with various client industries and their diverse infrastructures. I basically started my career at Pearl Technology. So, I’ve done a little bit of everything—customer service, desktop/server support, and consulting. I love knowing that we are helping clients resolve their issues and allowing them to continue to do their jobs every day.”

Ryan told the story of helping a client. “We had a client’s business go down due to a power outage and hardware failure,” he said. “I was able to bring their critical data back online while working with vendors to replace failed hardware back and restore their systems to normal so they could resume their business with very little downtime.”

He’s also excited about the new growth and opportunities at Pearl Technology. “Since we’ve acquired CIAN, A5, and IAS, we have branched into other areas of service and technology, and that’s exciting. We can now offer even more technology services to our MSP clients. As technologies have changed, so have we. That’s because Pearl Technology is always seeking the best ways to take care of our clients.”

What Sustains Him

Married for 11 years, Ryan and his wife live in East Peoria with their 7-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter. They have two cats to keep them company too. In his spare time, Ryan enjoys working out. He also loves biking and swimming, as well as playing video and board games with his family. He’s always happy to help his kids build with Legos too.

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