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Our tour guide systems keep communication seamless with a variety of one-way and two-way tour guide systems to help make tour experiences uncomplicated. Whether you seek wireless systems, better communication on your plant floor, a two-way mobile system that enables smooth communication between executives and employees, or a system that facilitates language interpretation, we have the AV solutions to help.

Our Partners

At Pearl Technology, our goal is to simplify technology and make it an asset for your business. As your Tour Guide Systems specialist, we partner with others to help your business with the products and support needed to achieve your goals. These partners help us ensure the most current technology, a seamless process, and a high-quality experience.

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Technology is continuously evolving… and the landscape is changing. It can be difficult to stay current. Our goal is to make it a bit easier on you and your staff. Check our latest blogs from our different teams to learn more about the people behind the services and the changes in the industry.

Tyler Johnson—Helping to Assure Client Projects Run Smoothly
People of Pearl Tech

Tyler Johnson—Helping to Assure Client Projects Run Smoothly

As a project manager focused on audiovisual solutions at Pearl Technology, Tyler Johnson manages all primary communication between stakeholders on assigned projects. In this role, he assists with day-to-day executions—making necessary changes, preparing materials, and updating clients and technicians on

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