Peter Beaugard—Helping to Assure Clients' Network Security

Peter Beaugard—Helping to Assure Clients’ Network Security

As a security analyst at Pearl Technology, Peter Beaugard works in the Security Operations Center (SOC) and administers the LogRhythm SIEM to enhance network security for multiple client environments. He’s focused on maintaining security posture by working with systems administrators to help protect networks, devices, and data.

How He Serves

Peter works remotely from the Bloomington area. As part of his daily routine, he performs system health checks across clients’ LogRhythm deployments, tunes alarms, performs threat analysis, and escalates remediation advice to our clients. He works side by side with our data center and IT solutions teams to enhance Pearl Technology’s SIEM offerings, which in turn helps safeguard our clients’ data.

“There are many levels to cybersecurity,” Peter said. “I perform threat monitoring, security consultations, and SIEM administration tasks. Plus, I work with clients of varying sizes and in different sectors. As part of SIEM administration, I build alarms, adjust parsing rules using RegEx, and tune alarms to reduce analyst fatigue. I also run reports and frequently engage with clients about their security needs.”

In addition, Peter works closely with SentinelOne MDR to monitor client networks using Pearl’s XDR solution and writes various Standard Operating Procedures for fellow analysts.

What His Experience Means

Prior to joining Pearl Tech over a year ago, Peter worked as a technology support specialist at Pekin Community High School, where he performed frontline duties in a small department and created a JavaScript program for collecting and organizing attendance data.

Peter is also certified by LogRhythm as a support engineer, platform administrator, security analyst, and—most recently—deployment engineer. Peter received his bachelor’s degree in Cybersecurity from Southern New Hampshire University and is pursuing a master’s in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance from Western Governors University.

“I worked in general IT before coming to Pearl, but I wanted to get into security,” Peter said. “I had heard from other employees that Pearl Technology is a good company and wanted to join the team.”

With no day being the same, Peter enjoys having different problems to solve. “Right now, I’m the low man on the totem pole,” he laughed. “But I hope to take my education and training to the top. I’m going back to school for my master’s degree and hope to achieve a leadership position at Pearl Tech in the future.”

Peter believes Pearl Technology is in the process of setting up for a growth spurt as far as SOC clients and the ability to achieve new heights. “Pearl Tech is one of the only local providers that is completely homegrown. As we continue to grow in recognition, we will become more of what large operations seek for their technology requirements.”

What Sustains Him

Peter says being a managed service provider and working on different client environments, as well as learning how to help multiple clients with their procedures and dealing with a variety of regulations, like HIPAA and FERPA, helps keep his days interesting. But Peter’s family and outside interests also keep him going every day.

Peter classifies himself as a Stoic and lives with his wife and two children in the Bloomington, Illinois area. He has a 2-1/2- year-old boy and a 5-month-old girl, plus two fur babies—both mutts. In his free time, he enjoys sports. Hockey on the weekends, golf, and tennis. He’s looking forward to being a hockey referee this winter.

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