Nick Just, Vice President of Sales

Nick Just—Developing Sales & Marketing Strategies for Technology Services

As VP of Sales at Pearl Technology, Nick Just oversees all the sales and marketing for the company. In this role, he stays active in all Pearl Tech services, so he can better promote the solutions that work best for our clients. Nick is responsible for developing and implementing sales and marketing strategies to drive revenue growth, optimize customer experience, and enhance the value of Pearl Tech’s products and services.

How He Serves

Nick joined Pearl Tech in February 2023 and has recently spent most of his time getting to know our services. That’s a lot to learn since it includes audiovisual solutions, cybersecurity, data centers, and IT solutions (not to mention all that’s involved in our managed services)! Of course, that also means staying current in the trends and technologies in all our industries.

“I love learning everything—and I do mean everything—about this business,” Nick said. “Pearl Technology has so much to offer our clients, with various ways to support them. I want to be able to help provide the solutions for their individual businesses, and that means knowing exactly what we have to offer.”

Nick works with the leadership team, develops sales and marketing strategies, and expands on what’s currently working for Pearl Tech. He spends much of his time with the sales team and works to develop deals and forecasts. He is also actively recruiting members for the sales team.

What His Experience Means

Prior to joining the Pearl Tech team, Nick served as VP of Commercial Development for a government contractor. The company asked him to help grow the commercial side of the business. As a result, he led a global cyber company to go from making $800,000 in annual revenue to $7.2 million in 3 years. He accomplished this by adding products to what was a service-only solution.

Nick tells this customer story: “One of our partners had a competitor vendor they were using, and the vendor wasn’t producing the results they wanted. They had a backlog of 15 pen tests they needed to complete by a specific date. They asked if I would help. I put together a project plan for our partner and sold all 15 pen tests before the deadline.”

A resident of the St. Louis, MO, area, Nick comes to Pearl Tech’s headquarters in Peoria Heights three days a week and works out of his home the rest of the time. Though he’s been a vendor in the cybersecurity industry, he wasn’t involved in reaching end clients before.

“There’s a talent gap in our industry,” Nick explained. “I was drawn to Pearl Tech because I feel I can have a bigger impact. Many companies are missing the mark on tech and cyber in general. That’s because many small- and mid-sized companies try to address all their technology and cybersecurity needs with a few internal people, but it’s difficult for them to find candidates who can do what’s needed today.”

That’s why Nick believes utilizing Pearl Technology’s different services makes the most sense. “We feature a variety of services with experts in each area,” he said. “And that means businesses can utilize our expertise to ensure technological and cybersecurity needs are met for less than they could manage in-house… and at standards that exceed those in the industry.”

Nick’s been lucky to work with some amazing people. “I worked with two employees with over 20 years of Symantec experience who taught me about the industry and various channels and partnerships. I have also worked in sales positions with small businesses and large enterprises, and I have led teams for both.”

Nick has also seen the effects of different sales and marketing strategies. “I know how they can help scale a business in a very short period of time, and I know what growth looks like. There will always be challenges to overcome, but I’m a natural problem solver.”

Nick has trained salespeople and partners, developing, creating, structuring, and formalizing business strategies to meet market needs, wants, and execution requirements.

“I believe my sales and executive experience can help Pearl Tech become the recognized managed services provider in Central Illinois,” Nick said. “And I’d like to see Pearl Tech expand more in the Midwest too. I believe other managed services providers are going to need a trusted, local security provider to support their clients, and this presents even more opportunities for Pearl Tech.”

What Sustains Him

Nick loves the daily challenges at Pearl Tech. “I like to be proud of my work at the end of the day, week, month, and year. I like looking back to see how much impact I’ve been able to make. I look forward to contributing to Pearl Tech’s growth and helping clients with the services that make the most sense for them.”

Pearl Technology offers a variety of products and services, Nick said. “It’s all very relevant and top-notch, but, WOW, we sell a LOT of services!” He laughed because he’s been learning so much since he arrived.

That’s good because Nick’s philosophy is “work hard, be humble, and let your success do the talking.”

Nick also loves to build. “Right now, I’m finishing our basement at home. Woodworking is my main hobby. A few weekends ago, I helped a buddy build a deck while his wife was out of town. It was great.”

In addition to woodworking, Nick loves to relax with his wife and three kids—two girls and a boy (8, 7, and 6 years old). “They are athletic, funny, and a bit crazy… but well behaved.” They also have an 11-year-old pit bull named Ace, who has two blown ACLs.

One more thing: Nick says he’s always willing to help… just ask.

Does your business need help with IT solutions, cybersecurity, data centers, or audiovisual integration? Contact us to see what technology solutions might work best for you.

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