Quintanya Moore—Assuring Finances Flow Smoothly with a Smile

Quintanya Moore—Assuring Finances Flow Smoothly with a Smile

As an accounting clerk at Pearl Technology, Quintanya (Queen) Moore has a variety of responsibilities, like working with receivables, payables, and daily accounting duties. Queen assists with accounting duties for all Pearl Tech’s services. In fact, she’s been helping keep our finances running one way or another for nearly 24 years.

How She Serves

Previously with A5, Queen was one of the employees who came on board during the acquisition in 2019. And, in her work with A5, she helped provide support and accounting for 21 years. That’s when she first connected with Pearl Tech.

“I love this community-based business and its people,” Queen shared. “The team is just so welcoming and down to earth. I have always done whatever is needed to help Pearl. I love working here—whether alone or in a group. I love meeting new people. And I love being part of a growing company!”

Queen is now working out of the administrative office in Pearl Tech’s headquarters in Peoria Heights. “I love working… I have worked since I was able. I grew up in a single-mother home since my father passed away, but I was determined to work and make sure my mom saw me accomplish goals in life. We had some struggles, but no matter what, we always trust God and keep working… and fighting, even with tears in our eyes.” For her, it’s all about continuing to move through life regardless of obstacles.

What Her Experience Means

Queen has worked hard to achieve her goals. She earned a QuickBooks certificate from ONLC Training Center in Peoria and received three associate degrees from Illinois Central College (General, Finance, and Accounting). In addition, she’s been working on her bachelor’s and master’s (dual degree) in business administration from Capella University in Minnesota but is currently taking a break.

“I have many talents,” Queen laughed. “I enjoy learning and working. I love working in finance and customer service, helping however I can. It makes me happy when a customer has no issues and calls or sends a letter to say thank you for the years of helping them… or when a coworker helps a customer and needs to be rewarded. I bring in my candy dish and brownie bites for us.”

Queen says working at Pearl Technology is an amazing experience. “From the coworkers and owners to the entire business, we are always growing and becoming better and better. Sure, there will always be bumps to achieving our best. But we are the best managed services provider, audiovisual team, colocation, and cybersecurity company… and we continue to grow for the better!”

Accounting also helps Queen assure things run smoothly from a financial perspective—”everything from making sure our customers get what they pay for to ensuring payroll happens, so our team gets paid. It helps me keep track of customers and vendors. It’s all about being a team player. But my position takes patience—it takes time to work with numbers and people.”

What Sustains Her

Queen loves a variety of things, so it’s no surprise to hear that many aspects of her job keep her going throughout the day.

“Probably the biggest is my faith—God’s whispers, good music, seeing others happy, and no complaining… or at least, as little as possible. I know that everyone is different. Not everyone has the same heart or work environment as I do. I know this world can be cruel, but I refuse to lose my smile… my crown. We must do all things without complaining and making it worse. There will always be someone who hates you, who doesn’t like you because of your skin, your hair, your ability to grow and fight back, but don’t ever let that be you!”

Queen says thanking God for everything that is happening around her and being grateful for what was, what is, and what is to come—no matter what—keeps her going.

“We have to learn to fight back—in faith. When the doctors give you a bad report—fight back. When you feel like quitting because life gets hard—fight back. Fight back with prayers, tears, peace, work, love… with faith!”

Queen says a quote by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. means a lot to her… “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” And Queen’s philosophy is: “Trust God and keep fighting with a smile. Don’t ever give up.”

A resident of Peoria, Queen loves to ride her motorcycle (ZX 10) in her free time. She also loves teaching teens and adults at United Fellowship Ministries in Peoria. Formerly in the Army Reserve, she has also skydived, ziplined, and participated in some amazing adventures. For her, it’s all about discipline and choices.

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