Pearl Technology gives your business the ability to reduce IT costs without sacrificing the potential for future expansion.

Your Expansion Solution

  • No Added Costs for Aging Hardware, Power, or Data Security
  • Reduced Business Overhead
  • Team of Specialists to Handle Any Issue
  • Assurance That Digital Files and Information Remain Secure

Cloud Services

With Pearl Technology cloud services, you’ll put money back in your pocket.

  • Industry-Standard VMware Infrastructure
  • Instant Scalability, Resources On Demand
  • Geographically Replicated High-Performance SAN

High-Level Security

By placing your server infrastructure in our data centers, you gain higher level physical security and disaster recovery.

  • Choose Only the Server Resources Needed
  • Services Provided Through Certified Data Centers
  • Secure Central Illinois Locations

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Looking for the best environment for your IT infrastructure? Read more on ways our staff can offer better security, more IT expertise, and scalable options in our Tier 3 data centers. 

The Importance of Edge Computing
Data Centers

The Importance of Edge Computing

“Around 10% of enterprise-generated data is created and processed outside a traditional centralized data center or cloud. By 2025, Gartner predicts this figure will reach 75%.” In the world of data centers, the term “edge” is used to describe the

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Why Choose Colocation?
Data Centers

Why Choose Colocation?

Colocation data centers offer cost savings, scalability, security, reliability, and flexibility, allowing organizations to quickly adjust their IT infrastructure as their business needs evolve. They also provide shared infrastructure, resources, and operational expertise for reduced costs and maximum uptime and

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