Alisa Rabb—Providing Solutions for Your Business Challenges

Alisa Rabb—Providing Solutions for Your Business Challenges

If you talk with Alisa Rabb, you’ll quickly learn what’s most important to her at Pearl Technology. Simply put, Alisa enjoys working with customers to address the technological challenges in their business.

How She Serves

An account executive at Pearl Technology, Alisa is responsible for developing business and managing accounts.

“I love being able to wear many hats and assist in solving my customers’ business challenges,” she says. “My core function is to open new doors and add new clients, as well as grow our current customer base. Overall, I measure my success based on the satisfaction and retention of our customers.”

Alisa was first hired as a business development manager in 2008 and worked at the company for about six years. She returned as an account executive in August of 2018.

“I was interested in Pearl Technology because I had many friends who worked here,” she says. “As I met other members of the team, I was drawn to the culture and the focus on stellar customer service. Pearl Technology has the perfect environment for continuous growth. I learn something new every day through my teammates, projects, customers, and ever-changing technology.”

As part of her position, Alisa is required to go through continuous training. This is intended to increase product knowledge so she can understand the tools that will work best for clients. Alisa’s analytical mind helps her to pair the right solutions with what our clients need in their business. “I have a strong background in technical recruiting and worked as a security analyst before joining Pearl Tech.”

What Motivates Her

“At Pearl Technology, we all count on each other for growth and stability. If I identify and sell large projects, it keeps our technical team busy, employed, and profitable. Ideally, it allows for growth and creates new jobs.” Alisa takes that role seriously and believes each of us is responsible for the success of the company.

For Alisa, that means focusing on education and customer service. “I have learned it doesn’t matter who is right or wrong in this business. Clients trust us to do a job, and we need to do whatever it takes to honor the agreement and exceed expectations. I have learned a ton about IT security and that no one is ever 100% secure. It requires daily efforts and continuous improvements.”

What Sustains Her

Alisa is passionate about her two teenage daughters and loves participating in their activities—volleyball, softball, and other hobbies. She also enjoys socializing with friends and family and loves to entertain. Her family includes one fur baby—a 12-year-old female shiba inu named Yadi.

Alisa also has a love of humanity and is actively promoting human welfare with several organizations. While part of a progressive business group, she fostered long-lasting relationships among professionals  to help support local nonprofits, including The Center for Prevention of Abuse, Catholic Charities, and the Children’s Hospital of Illinois. Alisa is also a dedicated supporter of St. Jude.

Does your business have a technology challenge? Contact Alisa to see how she can help.

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