6 Awesome STEM Toys for Kids

6 Awesome STEM Toys for Kids

Add these to your holiday shopping list.

Pearl Technology’s passion for STEM education has never been a secret. Through our annual STEM Academy, we’re able to teach students valuable, hands-on lessons in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Our work doesn’t end after just one week every summer though. Through STEM Academy, we hope students continue taking advantage of STEM-related activities and programs. Of course, they have to get started somewhere, and that’s where the parents—or old St. Nick—come in. Here are some awesome toys and games to pick up this holiday season to get your kids excited about STEM education.

My First Mind Blowing Science Kit

Scientific Explorer

Featuring 11 different activities—including a color-changing volcano and a test tube sunset—Scientific Explorer’s My First Mind Blowing Science Kit teaches kids about chemical reactions and how to use tools such as test tubes and pipettes. Each activity comes with step-by-step instructions for both parents and kids to follow along.


Be Amazing

No White Christmas this year? No problem! Insta-Snow is a non-toxic powder that quite literally erupts into a snow-like substance when it comes in contact with water; no stirring required! The jar comes with a guide that explains the science behind Insta-Snow (SPOILER: The polymer that makes up Insta-Snow absorbs up to 100 times its weight in water.). Best of all: No shoveling!

Snap Circuits


There are way too many Snap Circuits kits for us to choose from for this list, but in our opinion, this is one of the coolest gifts you can get to teach kids about circuitry. Each kit comes with dozens of different projects, none of which require a soldering iron; each component simply snaps into place and creates safe electrical connections. Kit models range from the beginner SC100 to the pro computer interface SC500S.

Crystal Growing Experimental Kit


One of our favorite experiments from middle school science class is now available to take home! 4M’s Crystal Growing Experimental Kit teaches children how to grow a variety of colored crystals in seven different experiments. The kit comes with crystal-growing compounds and mixtures, display domes, stirrers, and instructions.

Gravity Maze Falling Marble Logic Game


With a focus on engineering, ThinkFun’s Gravity Maze includes 60 different challenges at varying skill levels, prompting kids to build numerous towers in order to get a marble from Point A to Point B. Each game comes with three marbles, a target piece, and nine towers. With clear instructions, your kids can start playing right out of the box.

Mega Fossil Dig Kit

National Geographic

Perfect for any kid interested in prehistoric life, National Geographic’s Mega Fossil Dig Kit allows kids to dig up real fossils including dinosaurs, sharks, ammonites, and more. Along with the fossils, each kit comes with a chisel, brush, and magnifying glass, plus a guide with information on each fossil.

Did we leave any out? What are some of your favorite STEM-related gifts for kids? Let us know in the comments!

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