Our team begins the process of developing an audiovisual (AV) integration solution that is the best fit for your business by meeting one on one with you. Our goal is to understand your challenges, needs, and desires. This meeting also helps us determine the nature of your infrastructure and budget… and the Audiovisual solution that will meet your objectives.

Focused on Quality and Ease of Use

Once we have crafted a custom solution, our audiovisual integration team will deliver a cost-conscious proposal for a system designed especially for your business. Each system is created to enhance user experience, while minimizing setup and downtime. Because your Audiovisual technology system can be such an important tool to help your business grow, we will work with you to ensure a simplified process.


Our staging technicians build each system in shop prior to installation on-site. This process allows for full system testing and ensures that design specifications are met. This also minimizes on-site installation time, reducing the amount of downtime and cost.


Our entire professional installation team holds all the top manufacturer and industry certifications including the AVIXA CTS-I. Our technicians pay special attention to detail and ensure a system is installed and operating to the design team and client’s specifications.


The commissioning process will allow Pearl Technology to perform a complete system analysis utilizing yearly calibrated audiovisual testing equipment. This objectively confirms the system is operating as intended and designed. By testing all audio, video, and control connections and parameters, we can ensure a quality result. This result is then printed in document form and given to our clients. Pearl Technology follows systems performance and verification standards set forth by the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association (AVIXA) as well as the Association for Quality in Audiovisual Technology (AQAV). Our commissioning technicians are CQT and CTS-I certified.


Training for your audiovisual solution will be provided by members of Pearl Technology who are familiar with the performance, function, and design specifications of your system. Although great care is taken in the design stage to ensure an exceptional user experience that is intuitive and simple to operate, we will work with the lead facility personnel one-on-one to ensure understanding on how to operate the systems provided. These facility personnel will then have the confidence to train others and operate the system for years to come.

System documentation, including schematics, manuals, specifications, source code, and functional user guides shall be provided during training. Implementing a new system can positively impact a business, providing a foundation for development and improvement. Training has a key role to play in delivering successful implementations, as the way people are introduced to any new system and how they learn to use it is vital. Delivering training that engages people, motivates them to embrace change, and encourages improvement is the key.

Professional Design Engineers & Installation Team

Our team of design engineers hold and maintain a variety of manufacturer and industry certifications, including the CTS-D. We ensure your system and components meet every detail of your business’s needs and budget… all while maintaining quality and ease of operation.

Our entire professional installation team holds the top manufacturer and industry certifications, including the CTS-I. We ensure your system is installed and operating to meet all design specifications.

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