Zero Trust Technology

You’ve probably heard this term before, but what does it mean? It’s part of a strategic cybersecurity approach to your organization’s framework that requires all users to be authenticated, authorized, and continuously validated to help keep your system secure and to maintain access to your organization’s applications and data.

Authentication (MFA/SSO)

Improve employee password hygiene and security without compromising ease of use for employees or admins. We offer password management vault solutions, single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions.

Don’t reuse employee passwords. Instead, manage passwords from one place and protect sensitive data. When necessary, assure passwords are shared simply and safely.

Endpoint Security (EDR)

Advanced threat hunting, investigation, and remediation in a single view. Take advantage of the options to extend endpoint detection and response capabilities to other security vectors, including email, servers, cloud workloads, and networks. Benefit from correlated detections and more insightful investigations.

Secure Backup

Protect your business with reliable, easy-to-use, secure backup. Combining backup with anti-ransomware technologies, our backups deliver the cyber protection that today’s organizations need to avoid costly downtime, unhappy customers, and lost revenue. With support for more than 20 platforms, it protects any workload, scales without limits, and saves you money.

User Awareness Training

Take advantage of the most effective security awareness training available. We use the world’s largest integrated platform for security awareness training, combined with simulated phishing attacks. We’ll train your users, check how much they’ve learned with a phishing test, and measure the results.

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State of Cyber Insurance

State of Cyber Insurance

There are striking similarities between cybersecurity and cyber insurance. The “ones and zeros” from binary to statistical modeling all merge into the overarching domain of risk management. The Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) published in the annual cybersecurity reports from Verizon

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