When you lease space in one of the Pearl Technology data centers, you can be assured your system remains secure. That’s because we guarantee an environment that is safe for all your business’s important gear and equipment. You’re positioned for expansion, too, because you can easily add space as your business needs grow.

Your Leased Secure Space

  • Constant Preventive Maintenance
  • Every Contingency Considered
  • Everything Maintained to Industry Standards
  • Many Independently Verified Safeguards
  • Local Vendors for Quick Response to Problems
  • Assurance Your System Remains Secure, Operational
  • Custom Solutions for Current Needs or Expansion

Continuously Monitored

Rest assured, knowing our equipment is always maintained to like-new condition and continuously monitored.

  • Industrial Heavy-Duty Rack Enclosures
  • Secure Access Control
  • 20 Years of Market-Leading Solutions
  • High-Speed, Fault-Tolerant BGP Network
  • All Cisco Networking Core
  • Remote Smart Hands Services
  • Partial Rack to Large-Scale Deployments

Safe, Continuous Operation

In a world where pandemics and power outages occur, colocation—housing your IT environment in a local data center that is separate from your business—can assure your technology systems run safely and effectively.

  • Your Infrastructure and Data Kept Safe from Harm
  • So You Can Concentrate on Your Core Business

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Looking for the best environment for your IT infrastructure? Read more on ways our staff can offer better security, more IT expertise, and scalable options in our Tier 3 data centers. 

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The Most Overlooked Benefit of Colocation Services

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Why Choose an OpEx Model?

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