Backup & Continuity

Owned and operated by Pearl Technology, our complete, fully managed backup and restoration platform is also available as an “unmanaged” solution for businesses with teams that don’t require our support.

Your Full Restoration Solution

  • On-Site Hardware for Rapid Restoration
  • Off-Site Backups at Our Data Centers
  • Software for Back-End Management
  • Custom, Cost-Effective Solutions


Know where your backups and data “live”—not just somewhere in the cloud. And you can speak with the technicians who back up your files and data.

  • Economical Solutions
  • Management Software
  • Accessible Pearl Technicians
  • Self-Service Capabilities

Backup and Replication

We have designed a mix of purchased software and hardware to create our own unique solution. In many ways, we have replicated the features and functionality we have used with a fully managed vendor and brought it in-house to provide a more cost-effective solution to our clients.

We utilize third-party software by Acronis and partner with other vendors as needed to:

  • Manage Backup Schedules
  • Validate Backups
  • Monitor Backups
  • Generate Reports


Our solution enables restoration from local or cloud storage:

  • Physical Servers & Workstations
  • Virtual Servers & Workstations
  • Office 365 (Email/SharePoint/Teams/OneDrive)
  • Mobile Devices

Pricing is based on the on-site and Pearl Cloud storage required, along with the quantity and types of devices needing backup.

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