What Are Managed Services?

What Are Managed Services?

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To know someone will always have your back when things go wrong is a comforting thought. When your life goes to pieces, it’s nice knowing someone will be there to help you put everything back together.

The same could be said for information technology. From cyberattacks to physical, catastrophic damage, your data is under constant threat. If something were to go wrong, would your business be able to continue as usual? How would you recover? Who will help you pick up the pieces?

Enter managed services.

Managed Services 101

As long as your business hosts important, sensitive data on its network, the threat of a catastrophic failure looms large. That in turn could have devastating consequences on your business’s day-to-day operations.

The purpose of managed services is to detect and prevent IT-related problems before they even become problems. If for some reason a problem does occur, you can count on a team of IT experts to fix it while you focus on running your business.

Managed services can differ from company to company, but at Pearl Technology, managed services include:

  • Remote monitoring and management: Pearl Technology’s technicians monitor clients’ IT infrastructure 24/7/365. If a client’s service is interrupted, we know immediately.
  • Email protection: One of the biggest threats to businesses today is in employees’ inboxes. With email protection, managed services providers like Pearl Technology add a layer of security to fight against malware and spam.
  • Proactive detection of IT problems: Hindsight may be 20/20, but foresight is even better. As experts in the field, managed services providers know how to recognize a given threat before it even becomes a problem.
  • Layered security: Leaning on just a good password isn’t going to cut it. With managed services, your company can utilize multi-factor authentication to keep sensitive data more locked down.
  • Local support: Want someone in the office post haste? No problem. Local support means having someone in the area who can be in your office to solve any issue.
  • Office 365: Do your employees sometimes need to work from home? We know the feeling. With Office 365 support, employees can access their accounts from anywhere on any device, ensuring minimal work stoppages.
  • Backup and disaster recovery: If the worst comes to pass, how do you rebuild? The importance of backing up your data can’t be stressed enough. But with managed services, your company will always have a backup ready just in case.
  • Top-of-line products: IT experts will find the best products on the market, ensuring businesses get the very best support.

All this amounts to peace of mind for business owners. Managed services allow business owners to place their IT management in safe, reliable hands, allowing them to dedicate their time to their business’s needs.

Why Should I Use Managed Services?

In addition to peace of mind, managed services can be a cost-effective IT management strategy. If your company can’t afford to create or hire a dedicated IT department, managed services can be a cost-effective alternative.

In addition, managed services providers can help shed some light on the latest hardware and software. It may not be your job or your employees’ job to keep track of the latest tech trends—but it is your managed services provider’s. By choosing managed services, you can help ensure your IT infrastructure is constantly being monitored by IT experts.

Finally, managed services can also provide round-the-clock IT support. For example, if a vicious winter storm knocked out your server overnight, what are the odds you’d know as it happened? With managed services, you can sleep comfortably knowing someone is monitoring the situation at all times. This also means having a plan ready for when the worst-case scenario becomes reality.

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