6 Best Antivirus Apps for Mobile Devices

6 Best Antivirus Apps for Mobile Devices

Safety for your devices.

When you’re using your tablet or smartphone, how often does the thought of cybersecurity cross your mind?

You may not give it much thought, but the truth is protecting your mobile devices is just as important as protecting your computer, especially when you consider just how much personal data is centralized on your phone—phone numbers, credit card numbers, email logins, and social media, just to name a few.

Exercising good cybersecurity practices and safe browsing habits are an excellent start, but you should also consider adding a top-notch antivirus app for your mobile devices just in case something gets past your watchful eye. All devices listed below are available for both iOS and Android devices.

1. Avast Mobile Security

PRICE: Free; Premium and Ultimate editions available
Avast Mobile Security is one of the top choices for employees at Pearl Technology, and for good reason. With more than 100 million downloads, this robust app is more than just an effective antivirus scanner. The free version scans all apps and files, verifies WiFi security, protects against malicious links and apps, and tracks stolen devices.

With a premium subscription, users can:

  • Secure device with PIN, pattern, or fingerprint,
  • Capture photos and audio of thieves, and
  • Register devices as lost after SIM charge.

Finally, the app’s Ultimate version includes a VPN features that hides user activity and allows access to geo-restricted content.

2. Bitdefender Total Security

PRICE: Free 14-day trial
Bitdefender’s free version only comes as a 14-day trial, but the subscription cost is worth the price. Bitdefender comes standard with a VPN, allowing private browsing and access to geo-restricted content. A paid premium VPN allows unlimited traffic and virtual locations all over the world.

Another unique feature is WearON, which extends Bitdefender’s protection to a user’s smartwatch.

3. AVG

PRICE: Free; pro features included for 14 days
More than just an antivirus app, AVG serves as a robust, flexible file maintenance tool. AVG helps extend a device’s battery life with its Power Save feature, shuts down tasks and processes, deletes any unnecessary file cluttering up a device, and checks any WiFi network’s upload/download speed.

In addition, AVG’s free version comes with anti-theft phone tracking built in, while pro features include PIN-enabled phone locking and anti-theft camera trap.

4. Sophos Intercept X

Sophos Intercept X is unique in that its free version comes with no ads and full features—not a bad deal.

Sophos Intercept X boasts the Privacy Advisor feature, which lists all apps and processes that request access to a user’s personal data, as well as a password database and authenticator, which generate time-based and counter-based one-time passwords for multi-factor authentication purposes.

The app can also connect users to their organization’s Microsoft Intune account, which means users may access corporate accounts depending on the organization’s security settings. In addition, Sophos Intercept X’s managed mode allows organizations to manage users’ devices remotely.

5. Norton Mobile Security

PRICE: Free 30-day trial
A recognized name in cybersecurity, Norton Mobile Security is one of the most downloaded mobile antivirus apps in the world.

Norton includes the App Advisor feature, which checks all apps for privacy risks, battery usage, and data usage. Norton’s Surveillance App Protection also alerts users to apps that share a device’s location, contacts, photos, and messages. Another interesting privacy feature is the Privacy Report Interactive Map, which allows users to see where in the world their personal information and photos have been sent.

Additional features include call blocking and Safe Search, which flags unsafe or risky sites in the device’s browser.

6. Webroot Mobile Security & Antivirus

PRICE: Free; $14.99 for premium features
Webroot includes a virus and malware scanner for all apps. In addition, the app features a “set it and forget it” mode, which allows for continuous scanning and protection without slowing down or overburdening the device.

Webroot’s paid version features App Inspector, which scans all installed apps and alerts users to which apps could be potentially harmful.

Which antivirus apps do you use? Let us know in the comments!

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