Jace McCance—Ensuring Accurate, On-Time AV Installations

Jace McCance—Ensuring Accurate, On-Time AV Installations

As Lead Installation Technician with Pearl Technology, Jace McCance, CTS, is responsible for overseeing audiovisual (AV) installations for clients. He helps to organize installs by ensuring everything is completed correctly and on time.

How He Serves

Jace works with Pearl Tech’s AV Solutions from Pearl Technology’s headquarters in Peoria Heights.

“On a typical day, I get to the shop a little early and gather the materials the team needs for the day,” Jace said. “That includes making sure we have all the necessary equipment and tools for the day’s installations.”

“I’m learning every day,” he said. “I have the pleasure of working with some of the smartest people I’ve ever met.”

As the AV solutions team grows, Jace is growing right along with it. “Our team contributes to Pearl Technology’s growth, and I believe the company is well-positioned for the future. The AV team is coming off a very big year, with a lot of amazing jobs under our belts. And the IT and Cybersecurity teams are among the best in the nation, so the sky’s the limit!”

What His Experience Means

Prior to joining the Pearl Technology team in 2021, Jace was attending Illinois College to pursue a degree in music. After COVID hit, he decided to step away from school and pursue a career in live sound.

“I was living in Bushnell, Illinois, and traveling to Peoria after work every day to do sound and lights for various events in the Peoria area,” he explained. “Working days in Macomb, then driving to Peoria in the evenings for live sound jobs made for some long days!”

Jace began looking for a full-time job in Peoria, so he wouldn’t have to make the drive every day. “Eventually, my friend told me there was an opening at Pearl Technology. I researched the company, and I was hooked! I’ve been infatuated with technology since I was a kid, so getting to be hands-on with cutting-edge technology every day is a no-brainer.”

A certified technical specialist (CTS), Jace has also been trained in Dante levels 1 & 2, QSYS Designer Level 1, and OSHA requirements for AV installations.

“A lot of my job is centered on teamwork,” he continued. “Coming from a small town, I can offer a new perspective in terms of the way I think and solve problems. My experience playing football at Illinois College probably contributed the most to my role at Pearl Technology. Football taught me a lot about leadership and teamwork, which are extremely important aspects of being a Lead Technician.”

Given his time at Illinois College, Jace is probably most proud of the installation Pearl Tech handled during the summer last year. “That installation was my first install after being promoted to Lead Technician. Leaving college was a very difficult decision for me to make since it was always something I planned on doing. Both my parents work in education, so making that decision was very scary and risky for me. I used that installation as an opportunity to show my family, friends, and professors that leaving college did not hurt my career and I was doing great. The project itself was very big, especially since it was my first one being in charge. Thanks to the AV solutions team and the team at Illinois College, as well as all the other trades on site, we knocked that project out of the park! It took a lot of long nights and early mornings, but we got it done, and I am so proud of all we accomplished.”

What Sustains Him

Jace says his mom, dad, sister, and partner keep him going through the day. “Like I said earlier, leaving college was a huge risk, so every day I’m trying to make sure they know my decision to leave wasn’t a bad thing.”

His motto? Memento Mori—”Remember you die, so remember to live.” Jace wants to make the most of every minute.

A resident of Peoria Heights, Jace and his partner, Solveig, have several pets. They have three cats (Smore, Cookie, and Valkyrie), five guinea pigs (Fez, Peaches, Squirrel, Manny, and Sebastian), a leopard gecko (Kyra), and a dog named Lycan.

In his free time, Jace runs sound for shows at Peoria Players Theatre. He began doing that in 2021 and fell in love with the people there, so he continues to volunteer his time to provide fun shows for the community.

“I also love spending time at home with my partner, playing video games or building Legos!”

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