Logan Gregg—Cultivating Relationships to Meet Cybersecurity Objectives

Logan Gregg—Cultivating Relationships to Meet Cybersecurity Objectives

As an account executive with Pearl Technology, Logan Gregg is responsible for cultivating client and vendor relationships in the Midwest. In this role, he helps clients achieve the next level of cybersecurity in their organization.

How He Serves

Logan primarily works remotely out of Southern Illinois, but he travels to Central Illinois every few weeks to meet with clients in the area and to attend various Pearl Technology events like Central Illinois Cyber 2023 and the Technology Showcase. His typical day involves researching and prospecting, as well as maintaining relationships with existing vendors and staying current on any of Pearl Tech’s product changes.

“I do a lot of calling and emailing,” Logan explained, “but I also make in-person visits to talk with clients about the services they need. It’s important for me to get an idea of their security posture and information about their environment and network. That’s how I can determine what will strengthen their organization’s security. Learning what our clients are trying to accomplish can enable to help them achieve their goals… and move from one security level to the next. Getting to know them helps me provide the best customer service I can.”

Though Logan has no defined geographic territory, he primarily works throughout the Midwest region. “I am driven through relationships,” he said. “I believe in the personal aspects of business. I want to make sure I keep client relationships strong and flourishing. Getting to know my clients helps me provide the services they need for their budget. It’s all about the relationship!”

What His Experience Means

Prior to joining Pearl Tech in May, Logan worked as an account manager with a company where he managed sales in 34 states. In that role, he collaborated with the sales team to identify and grow opportunities within the territory.

“My goal was always to enhance business and market share by developing stronger relationships with clients,” Logan said. “Getting to know clients is the only way to understand their objectives and the best way to align services with what they need in their business.”

Logan was drawn to Pearl Technology because he thought it was an “excellent opportunity to get involved with something (technology) that is evolving daily and growing in importance exponentially.” He’s enjoyed working with everyone so far and says there are a lot of kind and intelligent people at Pearl Tech. “I’m very happy to be part of this team.”

With nearly a decade of sales and solutions experience in his background, Logan’s expertise also includes data management, budgeting and forecasting, customer relationship management, and strategic sales planning.

Logan’s philosophy helps build his relationships: “The way to achieve your own success is to be willing to help somebody else get it first.”

“That’s it in a nutshell,” Logan said. “As I get to know our clients, I can help them achieve success with their business objectives. If they need some other technology service, I can refer them to the other key people in our business who provide what they require to achieve their goals. That’s part of cultivating relationships. It’s connecting the dots between great products and people.”

Logan’s goal is to spread awareness of the value Pearl Technology provides as a security partner.

What Sustains Him

Logan Gregg—Cultivating Relationships to Meet Cybersecurity Objectives

Logan has lived with his partner, Ana, for six years. They have a 5-year-old son, Callan, and a 1-year-old daughter, Sienna. The family is complete with a King Charles Cavalier named Molly.  They live in Carbondale, Illinois.

An avid fan of physical activity and nature, Logan loves the outdoors. “Our area has lots of forest to explore. I enjoy taking my kayak out to Cedar Lake and hiking on the abundance of trails. We also recently purchased a home, and I completed renovations on both the front and backyard. I also enjoy my peaceful, quiet time outside tending my yard. My son and I spend most nights in the backyard, playing soccer, baseball, or jumping on the trampoline.”

Does your business need help with IT solutions, cybersecurity, data centers, or audiovisual integration? Contact Logan to see what technology solutions might work best for you.

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