Yvonne Murphy & Charlie Millar—Expanding Cybersecurity Skills Through Research

As interns with Pearl Technology, Yvonne Murphy and Charlie Millar collaborated with Anthony Mini on research initiatives last year in different capacities. Both have contributed to the future of cybersecurity while spending time with our team.

Congratulations, Yvonne!

An intern with Pearl Technology from January to May 2023, Yvonne recently joined the team again, working part-time as an Associate Security Analyst.

Yvonne is a graduate from Bradley University, where she majored in both Cybersecurity and Management Information Systems, with a concentration in Business Analytics. She’s originally from Clonmel, Ireland, and is passionate about “continuously expanding her knowledge in the dynamic field of cybersecurity.” Yvonne also enjoys competing in capture-the-flag exercises!

During her internship, Yvonne collaborated with Anthony Mini on a research initiative which delved into the convergence of Operational Technology (OT) and the Internet of Things (IoT) within IP networks. In that role, she helped to investigate the intricate dynamics and potential advantages of integrating the two.

Yvonne feels this has given her “profound insights” into the ever-evolving landscape of IT and OT integration. Her goal is to become a Security Analyst because she’s passionate about safeguarding digital assets and ensuring the resilience of information systems against evolving cyber threats. Yvonne’s internship deepened her interest in the intersections of IT, OT, and IoT, and she’s excited to apply this knowledge to future challenges. We welcome Yvonne to the team!

Good luck in future endeavors, Charlie!

An intern from May to August 2023, Charlie is currently studying cybersecurity engineering at Iowa State University. His current focus is developing his cybersecurity, computer engineering, and computer science skills. Outside of class, he’s the current president of Theta Xi Fraternity.

During the summer, Charlie worked with Anthony Mini on a research project. This research helped to expand his cybersecurity knowledge and terminology. The primary focus of the project was using artificial intelligence (AI) in social engineering and other scams.

Charlie’s biggest takeaway was how creative people can be. In cybersecurity, attackers are always thinking of new ways to scam, seeking new vulnerabilities, and using new technology for cyberattacks. It’s important to continually learn to stay on top of these tactics and to mitigate these attacks.

For now, Charlie is exploring the many facets of IT and cybersecurity. We wish you all the best as you find your niche!

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