Stephen Harayda—Helping Clients Strengthen Network Security

Stephen Harayda—Helping Clients Strengthen Network Security

As a security analyst in charge of Vulnerability Management and Endpoint Protection and Response (EDR) with Pearl Technology, Stephen Harayda is primarily responsible for administrating SentinelOne EDR protection and helping clients with threats through continuous monitoring and incident response.

How He Serves

Stephen works remotely from Peoria, Illinois, where he responds to threat alerts and provides mitigation for the Security Operations Center (SOC). In addition, he also runs vulnerability scans and reviews results with clients to help them strengthen their network security. This helps clients avoid cyberattacks that could be very damaging and expensive for their business.

By monitoring alarms in LogRhythm, Stephen can promptly escalate any unusual activity. This means he notifies other members on the Pearl Tech team to help address the situation. He also assists clients with in-depth security solutions to help them avoid future problems and prevent cyberattacks.

“By working with clients to understand their environments better, I can recommend cybersecurity solutions to help them defend themselves against threat actors so they can avoid attacks before they happen.”

Stephen also helps train fellow employees so they understand security principles and improve their own security posture.

What His Experience Means

Stephen joined the team at Pearl Technology about a year and a half ago. He says the company’s reputation drew him to apply. “Pearl Tech has earned a longstanding trust in Central Illinois. They are known for exceptional quality and the skills of its people.”

A graduate of Colorado State University, Stephen has a bachelor’s degree in computer science, with a focus in Security Machine Learning and Distributed Systems. He is certified in CompTIA Security+.

“My computer science training has given me the basics to understand computers and networks and how they work together,” Stephen explained. “Security is an ever-changing industry, and this training is one way to stay current on the trends and techniques used by cybercriminals. Since the certification only lasts a few years, this continuing education helps me learn all the ways these hackers evolve.”

As attackers get more advanced and automated, Stephen says companies will need to focus more on cybersecurity. “Pearl Technology offers a great opportunity to help companies in Central Illinois to achieve their goals by looking at industry developments and offering clients the best-in-class technologies and defense-in-depth solutions.”

Stephen enjoys helping clients defend their environments so they can do the important work their jobs entail. He feels his role is instrumental in helping them to remain operational and avoid an attack through the proactive steps Pearl Technology offers.

“I feel it’s important to help clients find ways to utilize the tools Pearl Technology provides to get the maximum benefit possible.”

For Stephen, his goal is finding a “happy balance” to help clients secure their networks, while keeping it from being so restrictive that they cannot do their jobs.

What Sustains Him

When Stephen is not working, he loves visiting art museums, playing chess, and going to the gym.

“I’m an avid player and always up for a game of chess. I’m also involved in the Peoria art scene. I like going to First Fridays and seeing the art exhibits at the Peoria Riverfront Museum.”

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