Tyler Johnson—Helping to Assure Client Projects Run Smoothly

Tyler Johnson—Helping to Assure Client Projects Run Smoothly

As a project manager focused on audiovisual solutions at Pearl Technology, Tyler Johnson manages all primary communication between stakeholders on assigned projects. In this role, he assists with day-to-day executions—making necessary changes, preparing materials, and updating clients and technicians on the status of projects to ensure everything runs smoothly. Tyler is also responsible for scheduling each aspect of a project, including goals and deadlines, to minimize potential risks associated with exceeding budgets or timelines.

How He Serves

Working out of the Peoria Heights office, Tyler usually begins his day by communicating with clients and technicians. He verifies purchasing, engineering requirements, and other processes involved in the projects he’s scheduled.

“From time to time, I also visit job sites to evaluate project readiness and installation plans,” Tyler said. “Generally, I work with multiple projects at the same time and look ahead at other projects to plan appropriately for scheduling.”

What His Experience Means

Before joining the team at Pearl Technology last August, Tyler worked as a project manager for a technology company in Denver, Colorado. His work was much like what he’s doing now, but he also traveled full-time, managing the installation and programming of nurse call systems in hospitals throughout the U.S. In addition, his B2B experience helped expand his expertise working in multiple areas and with diverse people.

“I helped my previous company grow from 3 to 15 projects at once by making connections and working efficiently. I’m very proud of building and training a good team. I worked with technicians who started as temporary hires and grew to manage projects and build their own companies. One of them is my younger brother, who is also working in technology now.”

A project manager with nearly 15 years of experience, Tyler has worked in technology for the past decade. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois-Springfield and has achieved growth in his career through promotions and completing complex projects. He recently decided to seek more certifications to solidify his skills and knowledge.

Tyler is currently studying to become a Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) through AVIXA, as well as a Project Management Professional (PMP) from PMI, the world’s leading authority on project management. He believes project management and collaboration with the technicians help make jobs run more smoothly and ensure timely completion.

“I have worked with stakeholders, spending time on construction sites and administering projects in prior positions, which helps me in the work I do now,” Tyler said. “Transitioning to the audiovisual field from hospital technology is refreshing, and I’m very excited to keep learning about the different applications of technology we use every day. It’s motivating for me to know that project management helps make the team run smoothly.”

Tyler loves the team at Pearl Technology. “No project can be completed by one person. The cooperation and collaboration among the members of our team is what contributes to the company’s growth and services,” he said.

“I hope to keep growing in my craft and take on more projects and responsibilities as I get more comfortable in my role here,” Tyler said. “I appreciate the opportunities and support they provide to expand my skills and certifications. I can see Pearl Technology continuing to grow with local and national technology services. They invest in the health and wellness of employees, too, and hold events to help employees and their families feel connected and included. I believe that support and inclusion is what will inevitably grow the business.”

What Sustains Him

A Peoria resident, Tyler says his partner Hye Hyon and their dog Chandler (named after Chandler Bing on “Friends”) keep him going most days. “At the end of the day, they are what’s most important.”

Tyler also lives and works by a Chinese proverb: “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” He believes it’s never too late to get started.

“Even small steps toward progress add up over time. You shouldn’t let your past dictate where you are headed in the future. Tough times happen. It’s important to keep a positive attitude and keep going.”

In his free time, Tyler enjoys spending time outdoors and remaining active. His favorite activities include hiking, skiing, camping, and playing basketball. He also loves researching and studying web development and digital marketing.

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